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A personnal scheduling assistant for UOttawa students.

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She does all the work

Schedule generation

Tell her about your compulsory and elective courses. She will crunch through all the combinations of lectures, labs and tutorials to produce a list of non-conflicting schedules.

Clever analysis

Jess will extract vital information on a per-schedule basis about free days, school time, breaks, earliest class and more. A score of awesomeness is then calculated.

Dynamic listings

Once you've paid the small fee for your order, you will gain access to your easy-to-read list of schedules with advanced sorting & filtering options.

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She has the best features

Knowledge is Power

Each schedule has extra information about work time and break time.

Scoring Algorithm

Schedules ranked based on class time, free days, work/break ratio and others.

Powerful Filters

Filter out sections or courses with a click. Your selection updates in an instant.

Extra Conflicts Checking

Part-time job? Just add your shifts to see only non-conflicting schedules.


Know which course section, lab and dgd to choose when registration day comes.

Bookmark your Favorites

Browse your schedules and quickly mark your favorite ones for easy filtering.

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It's easy to get started

Step 1

Semester & Course Quota

Select your semester and the amount of courses per schedule you desire. Jess will only attempt to generate non-conflicting schedules with this amount of courses.

Step 2

Compulsory & Elective Courses

Select compulsory and elective courses. You can add more electives than you need since Jess will only pick the ones she can fit in the various compulsory-only schedules.

Step 3

Checkout & View Your Results

Once you know how many non-conflicting schedules Jess was able to generate, you can decide to pay the $3.49 order fee to access & browse your schedules. This small fee allows us to sustain & improve the site.

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